Get Mentally Trained at Ivey League

Date: 2016-04-06
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are ways you can improve your poker game.  One of the most popular methods is watching training videos by those who have excelled time and time again.  There may be no better place to do so than Ivey League, which features a huge stable of top-level poker players and instructors headlined by none other than Phil Ivey himself.
One of its instructors, poker mind coach Pawel "Mental Coach" Jablonski, focuses on what you need to do to be mentally prepared to play the game.  A sound mental approach is half the battle to winning.  If you are ready to win, you have a better chance to do so than if you aren't properly prepared.
In Jablonski's latest video entitled "Functioning of the Mind," he addresses many topics that you should keep in mind and practice employing so that you can use your skills on the felts to the best of your abilities.  Some of the topics addressed include intuition, slow thinking, self-control, and awareness.  The latter three are of great importance while deep in a tournament and when things are going well when you are on a downswing or experiencing a bout of endless bad luck.
This follows another video series produced by Jablonski released by Ivey League two weeks ago entitled "10 Things You Should Be Doing."  Once again, Jablonski isn't referring to when you should be raising, folding, three-betting, value-betting, etc., but rather on what you should be doing to be mentally prepared before, during, and even after play.
Jared "rikarizak" Bartlett normally explains poker concepts, but recently released a video focused on mental training entitled "Preparation Away From the Table."  While this isn't the same type of mental training, it does explain some things you should be employing to be successful including studying and managing stress.
Ivey League obviously isn't all about mental training.  The poker training site also gives you the tools to improve your poker skills with a huge variety of poker topics.  No matter which poker variant or type of game you play, you will find plenty of top-quality content that interests you.
To give you an idea, here are some of the latest videos released on Ivey League to improve your poker skills.  David "omgclaydol" Yan can help you improve in mid-stakes No Limit Hold'em ring games with a video entitled "$1/$2 NL 6-Max Zoom Session."  This isn't your typical canned video where just obvious concepts are discussed, as Yan explains unconventional plays he employed during a session and why he felt they were optimal at the time.
World Series of Poker bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace can help you beat sit and gos with his new video entitled "$20 Multi-Table Turbo SNG."  After watching this video series, I felt many things Fox explained apply to smaller field tournaments as well.
The variety of videos is endless.  Another example is a recent video produced by Daniel "TribunCaesar" Schneider entitled "$200 PLO HU Reg Battle Part 2."
Whether you want to improve your mental toughness, your poker skills, or both, Ivey League is the right place for you.  See what you have been missing out on today by clicking here.

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