NoteCaddy Edge Provides a World-Class Customer Experience

Date: 2016-04-25
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are busy taking notes on the tables, that means you aren't able to play as many tables as you possibly could.  Also, your note taking may not turn out to be as valuable as you think.
You should know that NoteCaddy Edge is note taking software designed specifically for Texas Hold'em and Omaha ring players that is as advanced as you can get within the rules of the poker room you play on.
All you need to check them out is a Windows-based PC, a Hold'em Manager 2 license, and a license to NoteCaddy Premium.  The software comes with a full 15-day free trial.
The software is very powerful and has more than 2,200 note definitions, specially designed HUDs, and much more.  This means any tendency your opponent has consistently displayed while playing will be noted by the software and will be available to you while playing against them.
What I find the most useful about the software are the many badges and stamps, which are miniaturized badges.  In a small amount of space, it provides a wealth of information to understand how your opponent plays and thus can adjust your game against them.
Another cool thing about NoteCaddy Edge is their dedication to customer support, which always comes first. The NoteCaddy Edge team is always around to give you live support for anything you need, not only for their software, but also for Hold'em Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium. It is rare to see support outside one's own product, but NoteCaddy Edge delivers.
Additionally, the software can be a little bit more difficult to install than some others you might be used to. However, it really isn't that difficult if you follow the step by step instructions they provide. No worries, though; if this isn't enough, the team will also provide remote installation onto your computer.  All you have to do is ask.
NoteCaddy Edge's world-class customer experience also includes one of the best manuals explaining how everything works in detail.  Additionally, they are constantly releasing new video content to show you the basics and show you how you can use the software in certain instances to your advantage.
Also, NoteCaddy Edge has its own dedicated poker forum where you can learn from others in the community, ask questions to your heart's content, and share your experiences.  This is also a great place to make suggestions even though you can also do so privately.  In many cases, the NoteCaddy Edge team will take your suggestion and bring it forth in the next release.
Speaking of next releases, all upgrades to the software are part of the purchase price.
Check out NoteCaddy Edge. Remember, it is absolutely free to check out for 90 days and we would be surprised if you didn't like what you see.

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