Advanced Poker Training Introduces Brain Button

Date: 2016-06-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

Improving your skills at any sport or hobby requires tons of practice and training.  The best athletes who will be competing in the upcoming Summer Olympics didn't get there based on skill alone.  The same holds true for the best poker players.  They may have some innate natural abilities on the felts, but they didn't get where they are without logging many hours of studying and training.
There are many ways to train yourself in poker.  However, one method many players find to be the best is the hands-on training you'll get at Advanced Poker Training.  The main reason why is that instead of sitting back and trying to absorb as much material as possible (which is also important), they are instead interacting with world-class artificial intelligence to learn and get advice while playing.
Advanced Poker Training won't help you with all forms of poker, but it will help you improve in the most popular format, No Limit Texas Hold'em.  You can practice your skills against over 8,000 lifelike artificial intelligence opponents in ring games, sit and gos, and multi-table tournaments.  Additionally, you can practice in full ring and six-max formats.
You can play up to 500 hands per hour while receiving advice from 28 different poker instructors. You will also receive periodic training plans and reports where you can focus on the areas you need to improve the most and track your progress.
One feature that I particularly like about the software is a new feature called the Brain Button.  What this does is gives you advice on how you should approach a particular hand with a detailed list of factors including your position at the table, the action in front of you, if any, whether you are last to act, the pot size in dollars and big blinds, your stack size in relation to the blinds and the pot, and your pot odds.

Additionally, you can see how the software would tell you to play with similar hands so you can study a bunch of scenarios at one time.
The Brain Button will also help you post-flop.  You can see all of the board characteristics that may affect the strength of your hand, the range of what your opponents might be holding, and the software will even calculate the probability of you winning the hand against the ranges of your opponents.
According to Advanced Poker Training, the Brain Button took one year to develop, and based on its advanced advice we see why.  We aren't the only ones impressed with the Brain Button, as on the site there are many positive testimonials sharing how great this feature is.
The Brain Button is one of many cool features at Advanced Poker Training.  If you aren't already using the software, check out the site today to see how they can train to become a better poker player.

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