Advanced Poker Training Has Analyzed Over 75 Million Hands

Date: 2016-09-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you want to learn how to play Poker Better with hands-on training without putting a dent into your wallet? Why not do what many poker players have and see how much the poker training site Advanced Poker Training can improve your game.
The software gives you advice on hands that you play against advanced artificial intelligence opponents all with different playing tendencies. In fact, there are more than 8,000 different opponents you might play against, so similarly to when you hit a poker table, you will get different players to play against all the time.
You can play up to 500 hands an hour, which means the software can help you go through tons of hands to help you become a stronger player.
Subscribers at Advanced Poker Training absolutely love the software. While there are testimonials from their customers on their site, perhaps the biggest of them all is the fact that over 75 million hands have been played and analyzed by the software.
What I love the most about Advanced Poker Training is every aspect provides hands-on training to help you improve. While I also enjoy sites where I can watch videos, it is very easy to tone them out or be doing something else at the same time and not getting the full value they provide. By actually being hands-on, you are completely focused on playing and getting advice without any chance of getting distracted or otherwise not paying full attention.
You can replay any hand you played and get advice from one of the 28 different advisors on the site, which is sure to help your thinking process. Additionally, with a relatively new feature called the Brain Button, you can dig deep into any hand to see not only how you should theoretically approach a hand, but also others that are similar.
There is no shortage of what is available at Advanced Poker Training. I can go on and on about the features including Beat the Pro, training reports, What's the Nuts, live poker tournaments, and the Upper Hand.
However, one feature I began focusing on is setting the software up to just practice one hand over and over. For example, I found I had trouble playing A-J offsuit, especially from earlier position in both full ring and six-max games. So, I just focused on this particular hand over and over until I became more proficient with it.
See what you are missing out on. Try Advanced Poker Training today!

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