Eliminate Misclicks Online with NinjaVision

Date: 2016-09-23
Author: Jason Glatzer

Regardless of whether you play cash games, sit and gos, or multi-table tournaments, the key to success online is not only being better than your opponents, but also being able to play as many tables at once simultaneously in order to maximize your potential profit.
Once you start getting the hang of multi-tabling, it is time to get some help. Many players turn to TableNinja II for just that since everything about the software is designed to enable you to play more tables than ever before.
Players first turn to TableNinja II in order to take advantage of hotkeys that allow you to do any action you can think of with the click of a button. Additionally, the software allows you to set predefined actions based on different scenarios to allow you to minimize your clicking and mouse movements.
This, combined with a feature called NinjaVision, allows you to play a huge number of tables across a variety of sites. What NinjaVision does is it organizes all of your tables into a mini-grid with one table in full focus. You can follow all the action in the mini-grid and bring any table you want into full focus. What I really like about this feature is that the hotkeys work regardless of whether the table is in a full view or mini-view. This makes many of the routine actions such as folding 2-7 offsuit under the gun much faster.
NinjaVision also adjusts the grid size based on how many tables you are playing at once. So if you quickly hop from four to 16 tables, the grid will quickly expand for all your tables to be organized. Additionally, it works across multiple monitors if you have this type of setup, giving you an almost endless limit to the number of tables you can play at one time.
NinjaVision allows you to do other things outside of online poker without interfering with your play. Before I started using NinjaVision, my web browsing and Skype conversations would occasionally cause me to misclick due to tables popping up when I am about to click on something or hit enter. NinjaVision keeps this all organized for me and I haven't had a misclick while using this feature of TableNinja II.
One other thing worth mentioning about TableNinja II is a feature called SNG Sensei. What this does is auto-registers you into sit and gos based on predefined criteria for that session. It is not only defined based off game type, but also the number of tables you wish to play at once and how many tables you want to play in your session. Alternatively, you can ask SNG Sensei to give you a time limit on your session, which is useful to make sure you get in the much-needed longer breaks to keep your mind fresh.
See what you are missing out on and check out TableNinja II. The software comes with a 30-day free trial, meaning you can see for yourself how useful the software is for multi-tabling before committing to a purchase. From there, plans start at just $4.99 a month, which should be affordable for any online poker player.

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