Phil Ivey and Others Call Ivey League Home

Date: 2016-12-16
Author: Jason Glatzer

Successful poker players sometimes make it look easy. Especially at times when you are watching them and cards seemingly always go their way. While there is a luck element to the game, skill is more important for long-term results. Despite the top names making it easy, the majority of them are constantly working on their game to make sure they are always performing to the top of their abilities.
Poker training sites are one way to improve your poker skills at a very reasonable price. You can see how some of the best players are thinking and try to emulate their playing styles into your game.
One of the best poker training sites in the world is one founded by none other than Phil Ivey called Ivey League. They have dozens of instructors teaching just about everything you can think of both on and off the felts to help you improve how you approach the game.
Ivey League differentiates itself from the competition in many ways. One of them is constantly introducing new video material on the mental aspect of the game. While yes, it is important to know how to play the game, even if you are the best, if you are not properly focused or mentally trained, you aren’t maximizing your abilities.
Pawel “MentalCoach” Piotr Jablonski is the man that can help you out in this aspect. Instead of him costing you hundreds of dollars to improve your mental mindset, you can instead just watch every one of his videos to improve your mental strength.
He recently released the second part of a video series titled “Attention, Focus and Concentration”. We don’t need to elaborate about what this video is about since the title is somewhat self-explanatory, but we can share that being focused on the task at hand is useful for just about anything in life. However, on the poker felts, not being focused can certainly cost you a ton of money regardless of whether you play live or online, tournaments or ring games, and big stakes or small.
Of course, Ivey League also offers dozens of new video titles each and every month on just about any poker related topic as well. These are all great, and it isn’t hard to find many past and present videos on the types of games you are focusing on.
Another cool thing about Ivey League is the price. Their cheapest paid plan only costs $9 a month which is something anyone should be able to afford. While this plan doesn’t include every single video on the site, it does include many important ones including the mental training video we just talked about. You can check out the first couple of minutes of this and any video for free, so why not see what you are missing out on and head over to Ivey League today.

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