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Have you ever wished for an easy way to track your online poker bankroll? You are in luck! There are currently a number of poker software solutions that will allow you to do just that. By logging each session of live or online poker you will be able to track and analyze your poker performance.  Poker Bankroll Tracking and Management is a key ingredient to success.  Do not underestimate the value of these tools.

If its web based poker bankroll tracking that you are looking to do, is an excellent solution. It is free to try, so you take no risk at all in seeing if you like it. After the trial it only costs $2/mo which is trivial. Live poker players will find PokerCharts to be most useful for figuring out hourly win rates, graphing wins and losses, and even separating results by game type.

Another option that will appeal to both online poker players and live poker players is the poker bankroll tracking software Poker Dominator. Poker Dominator is also a web based application, but it includes the important feature of being able to import hands from PokerTracker. This lets you track your poker bankroll with ease. Poker Dominator is completely free.

For SNG players that are looking for a good, free tracking program there is one option that really stands out: Poker Score. This free application is easy to use.

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  • Poker Charts

  • Online bankroll and results tracking with loads of details and reports for just a few bucks a month after a 30-day free trial.

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  • Poker Score

  • A free tracking application for sit and go tournament results.

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