Holdem Manager Releases Software Patches

Date: 2009-09-25
Author: Sean Gibson

As online poker players will attest, it seems like every week, one or more of the major poker rooms releases an update for a new feature, new fix, or new method of hand history delivery.  Oftentimes, this will cause a ripple effect in the third party software industry for online poker, as developers will have to update their software for it to continue to work.  Users of the popular hand history tracking program Holdem Manager should always be on the lookout for updates.

Users of Holdem Manager are highly encouraged to consult with the Holdem Manager forums and view the Releases thread, where notes about the latest patches are posted.  There's also a link to the latest version, which is typically a small download that patches Holdem Manager in a matter of seconds.

The 1.09 Beta 24 release fixed six bugs, specifically import issues with CEREUS 7-2 prop games, PartyPoker tournament import issues, problems with Full Tilt Poker tournament situations, and also issues with PartyPoker Omaha tournaments not being recognized as Omaha hands.  In addition, Beta 24 introduced 10 features, fixes, and upgrades for the Holdem Manager Table Scanner, including improved player detection and added support for Full Tilt’s new lobby software.

The 1.09 Beta 25 was released with two new features, one of which is a popular cash graphing upgrade that allows hands to appear when a player selects a range from the graph.  The other new feature was Ongame Network tournament buy-ins being recognized.  There was also a Heads-Up Display (HUD) fix for PartyPoker "No DP" games and non-English clients not having the HUD appear at the table.  The Table Scanner received five updates, including solving a bug when trying to open and join multiple tables and fixing Full Tilt Poker Omaha client side scans.

There were only two updates for the Beta 26 download, which included an install and shortcut issue and the addition of a manual for the Table Scanner.  Another big fix release was Beta 27, which focused on several bug fixes as well as updates and tweaks to the HUD.  Bug fixes included CEREUS 7-2 game logic and hand reporting and Ongame hand history fixes.  Changes to the HUD included iPoker live tracking and loosening of the position detection for the chat box.  Other updates included CEREUS lobby detection, Full Tilt Poker pre-fetching, and fixing the donk-bet stat.  Both Beta 28 and Beta 29 introduced only minor fixes.

Beta 30 was introduced in two parts, Beta 30 and Beta 30a, which brought a slew of fixes, HUD changes, and Table Scanner updates.  New features included as part of the Beta 30 updates included PartyPoker hands in Euro buy-ins importing, PokerStars Hyper Turbo tournaments reporting appropriate payouts, and the replayer displaying the stacks in the button after a player acts.  Bug fixes solved problems with the CEREUS 7-2 prop bet changes, issues with the hands tab in the graphs section being empty, and the WSYWIG editor.  Changes to the HUD included CEREUS table detection, lobby, and instant windows properly being recognized, Full Tilt pre-fetching issues, PokerStars pre-fetching bugs, and adding user definitions.

Just this past week, 1.09 Beta 34 was released.  This patch was extremely relevant to users because it should be a fix for the lag issues experienced in recent builds.  There was also a fix to the auto-rate rules with the steal attempt calculations.  Finally, there were File IO changes to stop file locking by Holdem Manager that some were experiencing.

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