Holdem Manager Now Supports Cake Poker

Date: 2009-11-17
Author: Sean Gibson

As one of the highest rated third-party poker software programs, Holdem Manager is constantly being retooled.  After some time, Holdem Manager released support for Omaha poker games in the form of Omaha Manager, an add-on that allows for the same tracking to be applied to any Omaha game.  Users of the program are extremely devoted and constantly visit the forums dedicated to Holdem Manager.  It is here where the development team directly interacts with users and announces releases and updates.  Recently, they polished off Version 1.09 and announced the start of a new 1.10 edition, which will be available for free to all registered users.

Version 1.09 was released several weeks ago and compared to the last official release of the program (1.08.04), the difference is significant with new features and fixes.  Among the hundred-plus changes for the 1.09 edition of Holdem Manager, the addition of support for the Cake Poker Network was the most exciting.

Version 1.09.01 addresses some features that Holdem Manager was not supporting at the time in addition to fixing bug issues that users reported.  This release added HUD support for the four- and eight-max table settings and added support for some Ongame tournament types.  This release also addressed issues with scanning some of the smaller online poker sites.

Version 1.09.02 is the latest edition and is available from the Holdem Manager forums.  The first issue it addressed was one where a replayer window opened, but the HUD did not appear.  Another bug that was in a hand that had no small blind, the first player to act might be incorrectly identified as the big blind.  A new feature included support for the Full Tilt Poker 300 chip Heads-Up Super Turbos.  The scanner received four small updates that fixed poker770 support, added pokerhuis support, fixed Ladbrokes scanning, and fixed PokerStars player notes.

Unfortunately, some of the 1.09.01 features had to be removed from the program until the 1.10 release is finalized.  Removed from Holdem Manager with the 1.09.02 release was the aforementioned support for four and eight-game table games, a fix for Cake Poker regional settings, a fix for PartyPoker live tracking, a fix for Absolute Poker Omaha live tracking, and a bug for winnings stat color coding recognizing amounts below $1.

The developers behind Holdem Manager aren’t sitting on their laurels with the 1.09 version release.  Development for the new 1.10 version is already underway with a beta coming for users to download and install.  Some of the new features for Holdem Manager 1.10 include multi-currency support, Boss Media and Merge Gaming Network support, multi-table stats that will show the number of tables people are playing on their HUD (will require a scanner license), HUD filters by effective stack size for tournaments, and some smaller changes.  There is a comment posted from developer “Rvg72” that support for both contributed and dealt rake methods will be in the 1.10 release.

Perhaps one of the more exciting things that developers will appreciate is the migration of Holdem Manager to .net 3.5, which will allow for quite a few advantages.  One of these will include being able to integrate the new Holdem Analytics tab, which has been announced as a free resource for existing users.  With these add-ons, there will be more advanced Holdem analytics functionality, which will be made into add-ons in the future.  Although development has begun on this migration, the team has already gone on record that this might not happen until a 1.11 release.

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