PokerTracker Issues Updates to Improve Rush Poker HUD Performance

Date: 2010-02-10
Author: Sean Gibson

PokerTracker is regarded as one of the most trusted names in the business.  The team is constantly releasing updates to add new features, adapt the program to new demands, and shore up any new bugs that arise.  These updates are always available for free for registered users of the program from the PokerTracker website.

The addition of a fully functional Rush Poker Heads-Up Display (HUD) was an industry first when it debuted recently for PokerTracker.  There have also been a few tweaks to improve its performance and address some new issues.  On Friday, February 5th, another update became available, Beta 30.4.  A new cache status information bar was added to the program with this update.  Also, PostgreSQL is no longer bundled and a new re-index feature and window were put into the “Housekeeping” area.  Fixes that were a part of this patch included:

· Rush Poker HUD performance issues resolved
· Full Tilt Poker sit and go HUD recognition issues
· Import problem with deal blinds
· Import: Cake Poker - BB posting after small blind folds
· Import: Cake Poker - Incorrect pot size when a player/chips aren’t declared
· Import: PartyPoker - Tournament player results and table type assignments
· Import: PokerStars - FPP rebuys giving dollar amounts
· Import: PokerStars - Rebuys
· Import: PokerStars - Logic error that caused rebuy lines to be removed from stored hand history
· Import: PokerStars - ACST time zone
· Import: PokerStars - British Pound symbol issue
· Import: iPoker - Hands not being converted to Six-Max with AQTL
· GUI: Bodog - Not checked for auto-import when not installed
· GUI: Notes being added to the wrong section
· GUI: Report crashing
· PostgreSQL: Mac performance problems with queries
· Filter: River - Any "A" not working
· Backup/Restore: Fixed an issue where tables would be restored empty

The next day, a smaller patch was released.  This edition, Beta 30.5, added Bodog Omaha support.  The Rush Poker HUD allows these tables to have a separate layout assigned from normal tables.  The following three issues were fixed thanks to this update:

· Import: Rebuy calculations from PokerStars manual import
· Import: Euro/Pound import problems
· HUD: Replayer duplicating stats

Players are highly encouraged to download and install the latest patch, even if they already upgraded when the Rush Poker feature was added.  The new patch brings many fixes and performance enchantments that all PokerTracker users will be able to take advantage of, specifically performance with the Rush Poker HUD.

In the PokerTracker forums, some users are not finding the performance of the Rush Poker HUD to be optimal.  For those users, “WhiteRider,” who is a moderator, posted that players might want to consider creating a separate database purely for Rush hands.  This would help solve performance issues due to a large database size.

The jury is still out on whether Rush Poker is here to stay.  Since being introduced, it continues to see plenty of traffic at the micro- and small-stakes No Limit Hold'em tables.  Full Tilt Poker, shortly after introducing the game at the micro limits for No Limit Hold'em, introduced it to higher stakes and currently has $1-$2 tables that are often frequented by Full Tilt Red Pros.

In addition, there are Omaha tables for Rush Poker, but those do not see anywhere near the number of players as the Hold’em tables receive.  Nevertheless, one thing that the Rush Poker tables aren’t doing is expanding.  The amount of traffic at these tables seems to hitting its peak in the last few weeks, meaning that the novelty of the game might be wearing off.

At the TwoPlusTwo forums, the official Rush Poker thread had a vote with 385 people participating at the time of writing.  Rush Poker was given a 53% nod for “Good Idea,” while 47% voted “Pointless.”  In recent posts, many players are also saying that the wild nature of the games seems to be drying up.  Apparently, there’s a consensus that players are playing tighter and smarter as regulars integrate themselves with the Rush Poker format.

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