Leak Buster 3.0 Released

Date: 2010-12-02
Author: Sean Gibson

If you’re not familiar with the program, Leak Buster is an integrated application inside the family of apps for Holdem Manager.  It runs a comprehensive scan of your hand histories and points out huge leaks in your game that can be immediately plugged.  Recently, the team behind this powerful application unleashed a major update, Leak Buster 3.0, which brought a ton of new features to the table.

Included in 3.0 are four new training videos by Corwin “Vital Myth” Cole, a featured instructor at CardRunners.  Past that, each one of the seven major “steps” within the Leak Buster program has been given some treatment.

New in Step 1 is the “Leak Buster Repair Guide,” which will act as a quick overview of what material to study to track your own progress and growth.  In addition, there are more advanced algorithms in place to help you get to the bottom of specific leaks.

There is now an automated leak detection process in which all of the major steps will be run and displayed.  In addition, Step 1 will store all of your existing cumulative data so you can have a look at the leaks it finds. There are new win-rate and score graphs added to this first step of the Leak Buster process and there is an over-compensation check that will let you know if your ranges are swinging too high or too low.

Step 2 has been completely redesigned with a brand new interface. In Steps 2 and 3 are new updated range scores to keep up with the current trends at the tables.  New for this step are improved scoring algorithms that find leaks based on stat score, average win-rates for that score, and more.  You can now see how your win-rate is affected if you drift higher or lower than the recommended ranges.  An impact score is based on the new scoring system and, the lower the score, the more you need to look into the leak.  Also for Steps 2 and 3 are new stat range trend graphs so users can quickly check out how stats are swinging and learn how to get them into the ideal ranges.

Like Step 2, Step 3 has been completely redesigned for both simple and advanced views.  There are seven new filters added that explore different lines commonly taken in post-flop situations.  There’s a new simple view layout for Step 3 and grades can now be displayed on a table.

There are still more new additions to Leak Buster 3.0. There are seven new filter videos added and a new “By Stake” import ability is added to every step.  The small font issues were fixed and there is now quick access to training content that sits in a single area.  There is also a new hand history grid added to Step 7.  Finally, multi-currency support was added, as was sample size accuracy for Steps 2 and 3.  Five-max support was added and there is a “Classical View” for Step 2 now available.

Leak Buster No Limit Pro, which is $79.99, works on all stakes for No Limit Hold’em six-max and full ring cash games.  The Standard edition works for 50nl and is available for $49.99.  If you want to buy the Combo pack, which works in Limit and No Limit games, that will run you $114.98.  The good news for prospective users is that the program also comes with a free 15-day trial to give it a whirl.

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Big Frank's Comment

2011-01-04 17:11:18

How about a LeakBuster app for PokerTracker?

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