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Date: 2010-12-23
Author: Sean Gibson

For players who grind sit and gos, having the right tools at your disposal can mean the difference between being a winning player and being a loser.  Widely regarded as the most valuable of all the tools in the world of poker software is SNG Wizard, a stand-alone program that’s also included inside the Apps section of Holdem Manager.

We talked to the masterminds behind this program to get an inside look into what makes it so widely acclaimed. For people jumping into the world of playing sit and gos on a serious basis, how will SNG Wizard help them?

SNG Wizard: Winning sit and go strategy is all about the end game where you are short-stacked and your only options are to push all-in or fold. This applies to both single- and multi-table tournaments. SNG Wizard teaches how to objectively analyze end game situations so you can make the most profitable decisions. How has the relationship with Holdem Manager helped out SNG Wizard build its community?

SNG Wizard: It's been great because the programs are a natural complement to each other. Holdem Manager is especially strong at analyzing cash games and the Wizard analyzes tournaments. Where should new SNG Wizard users start?

SNG Wizard: Watch the videos on the Wizard’s web site and read the tutorial. Then, load up a tournament and pick and hand you're not sure about to analyze. Then, start playing with opponents' hand ranges to see how they change the equities. The equity charts are a good way to see the effects of differing opponent hand ranges. Adjust hand ranges in both the hero push and hero fold sections. Keep studying that hand until you know it inside and out.

Thoroughly analyzing a few hands is much better than skimming over a bunch of hands. I think a lot of users just look at the Wizard's advice without really understanding why it is giving that advice. Are there any exciting enhancements or upcoming features you could give our community a hint at?

SNG Wizard: I am currently investigating an idea to account for very small stacks. One of the limitations of ICM is that it overvalues very small stacks. I'm not sure yet whether my idea will amount to anything, but right now it looks promising.

We got in touch with the team over at SitNGoGrinders, one of the top online schools for teaching sit and go theory, and asked them what their impressions of SNG Wizard were and how it’s helped them instruct their students.

A spokesperson for the site stated, “SNG Wizard is in, our opinion, the single most useful software package available to help sit and go players adopt the best strategy for their game. It is for this reason that we offer this software with subscription plans. A thorough understanding of ICM is absolutely key to maintaining a positive ROI at sit and gos of all buy-ins.”

The program will read your tournament hand histories and run an analysis of each hand.  The analysis will compare the equities possible.  The equity calculation takes into account the number of opponents left, each player’s stack size, and the tournament’s prize structure.  It includes views for tournaments, a game view that helps with push/fold situations, charts, and a quiz-mode.

SNG Wizard comes with a free 30-day trial and also comes with a three-month “no strings attached” money back guarantee.  The cost of the program, whether you buy the stand-alone edition or from Holdem Manager, is $99, which seems like a bargain considering the investment you are making to improve your tournament ROI.

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