Leak Buster Video Contest Ends January 31st

Date: 2011-01-06
Author: Paul Ellis

For those of you who use Holdem Manager as your poker analytics suite, you know that reviewing hands can be a daunting prospect.   Players who want to cut the time spent analyzing their data need to look no further than Leak BusterLeak Buster offers a truly unique program to help players automatically analyze and improve the flaws in their game in just moments.

Leak Buster was designed to interface seamlessly with your Holdem Manager database and extract key statistics about your play in order to find your most glaring leaks.  With a simple click of a button, Leak Buster reviews your data and provides an assessment of your play, determining which areas of your game are being played optimally and which need some work.

But the statistical analysis is just the beginning.  In addition to the advice that Leak Buster offers, each category reviewed provides you with a training video specific to it so you don’t have to hunt around looking for which training videos are best suited to help your play.

A major flaw with many poker training sites is that their libraries often offer too much and/or unorganized content, making it difficult to find training that applies to the holes in your game.  Leak Buster does the work for you and points you in the right direction right off the bat.  For example, if you have a poor grade in your 3bet calling percentage, you can view the refresher video on the importance of 3betting and 4betting.  The video will help you learn which hands you should be 3betting and which hands are better off just letting go of when you get 3bet.  This makes the design of Leak Buster a tremendous success, as it not only supplements your game play, but also is aimed at pointing you directly to the tools you need to become a better poker player.

On December 1st, Leak Buster launched a contest to give three lucky users of the revolutionary software some amazing prizes.  In the Leak Buster Video Contest, users are encouraged to send in a testimonial video showing how Leak Buster has improved their game and have their videos be voted on to determine a winner.

The three entries that receive the most votes will receive one of the following prizes:

First Place: Six months of coaching and $1,000 cash - The player with the most votes will receive six months of coaching from top pros such as Tommy Chen (“tcblade”), Andrew Boccia (“andrewboccia”), Russell Blattberg (“loosefer”), and John Anhalt (“Nagarjuna”), the creator of Leak Buster.

Second Place: Database review + one-year membership to Poker Zion

Third Place: One-year membership to Poker Zion

The video submissions should be no more than 2.5 minutes long and discuss the different aspects of Leak Buster that have helped to plug their leaks along with the improvements made to their game.  The videos should be interesting to watch and include good audio, some witty humor, and be visually creative.  The winning videos will be posted on YouTube.  Videos can be submitted until January 31st and voting will begin on February 1st.

Check out our Leak Buster review.

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