PokerTracker Releases Version 3.09 Beta, Implements PokerStars Changes

Date: 2011-01-04
Author: Sean Gibson

The developers at PokerTracker release updates on a regular basis, with the last stable release being Version 3.08.  Now, the team has released 3.09 Beta, which is the version that most users will want to download and install.

The new 3.09 Beta release offers three changes and quite a few fixes to help keep the program humming along beautifully.  Most, if not all, of the fixes are a result of online poker sites changing their software and PokerTracker adapting to them.

The first change implemented for the new Beta comes for PokerStars, which now has support for multiple hand history directories.  In addition, the icon for PokerStars has been updated.  The final change listed on the PokerTracker forums is for Winamax games.  The program now gives you the option of letting you indicate a player name in the “Auto-Import” configuration window.

There are 12 fixes listed in the “New Release: 3.09 BETA” thread at the PokerTracker Forums.  The first fixes a problem with a comma being in a player name.  The next two deal with the Merge Gaming Network and shore up a problem with points tournaments importing as real money tournaments and with duplicate hand history directories.

There are two fixes for iPoker Network import issues, the first dealing with hero showdown cards and the second being that Hand HQ files were not importing.  For PartyPoker players, hands with “null” player names have now been fixed.  There are two import issues fixed for Winamax, the first being the hand number overflow and the second being rebuys and add-ons in summaries.

For OnGame Network importing, there has been a fix implemented for preferred seating preferences.  Additionally, Full Tilt Poker players can now full take advantage of the new time zone change to the hand history format.  The final two import fixes are for Everest Poker and updated the short-handed tables list and the conversion of UTF-8 table names.

The Heads-Up Display (HUD) received two fixes as well.  The first took care of an issue with the overlay not working on $10 NL tables at WPEX.  The other HUD fix had to do with the Merge Gaming Network, where the HUD did not find tables.

The Hand History viewer was given a quick fix shoring up an issue where it would not display cards when showdown occurs before the river.  A stat adjustment was implemented for all-in EV; the team at PokerTracker wrote, “Do not calculate when caller of an all-in folds before showdown.”  In addition, the EV issue with invalid showdown errors was taken care of in this Beta update.

Another fix had to do with TableTracker, the powerful table finding utility inside of PokerTracker; an issue with the opening of PokerStars tables has now been resolved.  The final fix had to do with Tourney Detect Version 1.31, with support for Merge six-seat Double or Nothing tables and a fix for the PokerStars $1 Double or Nothing tables being implemented.

At the bottom of the thread post, “Josh” (a representative of PokerTracker) stated, “There’s not a whole lot of changes for this beta release, but we’ve fixed a number of bugs. We hope to start the new year off with the addition of a few more sites, with much bigger changes and additions coming a little later in the year.”

PokerTracker is one of the highest rated programs in poker software history and is the only hand history tracking suite that is fully compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.  If you haven’t checked out PokerTracker yet, there’s a very generous 60-day trial available.

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