Table Ninja Developers Talk Software Updates, SNG Sensei

Date: 2011-01-14
Author: Sean Gibson

We love these products!  Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT are the top hotkey and shortcut utilities available for PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, respectively.  They provide fully customizable hotkeys that make playing online poker easier and automate the repetitive parts of the game.  This allows players to focus on making decisions and adding tables, which should make you a profitable poker machine.

Both Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT provide helpful shortcuts and work with cash games, tournaments, and sit and gos and whether you play Hold’em or Omaha.  They will also work with both PokerTracker and Holdem Manager and whether you stack, cascade, or tile your tables.

Some of the best features of both programs include the hotkeys, which allow you to assign a key to perform an action at the table.  For example, the traditional “gaming” movement keys of A, S, D, and W can be reassigned to folding, betting, calling, and raising.  Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT will also automate the bet percentages on each street, which are customizable, and automate the time bank clicking process.  There are also cash game seating and buy-in automations available.

Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT run $59.99 and come with a 100% fully featured free trial.  You can also buy the combo pack of both programs and save $20.  Users will receive access to the Table Ninja forums, where the forum administrator or a user of the product typically resolves any issues quickly.  You can also get it free through caught up with James, the new Product Representative for Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT, and asked him a few questions that many of the users of the product are asking. How hard has updating Table Ninja and TableNinjaFT been given how often PokerStars and Full Tilt update their software?

James: Luckily, we've managed to make the underlying Table Ninja engine very flexible, so the majority of the time we can respond to updates quickly and efficiently. But, every now and then, the poker site updates can make our lives very difficult.  Handling site updates is a major challenge for any poker software developer and we spend a lot of time planning for updates and trying to make the process as painless for our users as possible. SNG Sensei has been in beta for a while. Could we get an update when the feature will be out of beta?

James: SNG Sensei has been in beta for over a year now and, at this point, we are quite sure that the code is extremely reliable and stable.  However, because the program automatically registers for real money tournaments, we want everyone to use the feature carefully, so we decided to keep calling the feature "beta" to encourage people to read through the documentation and set up SNG Sensei properly before using it. Could you address the rumors that Table Ninja is potentially coming for other online poker sites?

James: We'd definitely like to have Table Ninja support a wide range of sites in the future.  That's all I can say at this point in time. Do you have any words for all of the grinders out there using the program religiously?

James: I'd like to thank all of our loyal users who have continually supported Table Ninja over the years.  One of the best things about poker is how helpful and enthusiastic the community is and we could have never created Table Ninja without all of the feedback and support we've received.

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