Hot Topics in Poker Software for December 29th, 2011

Date: 2011-12-29
Author: Dan Cypra

It’s almost the end of 2011. We’ll now say goodbye to another year of innovative rollouts in poker software like the much-anticipated introductions of PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2. But as we turn the page on another year, what’s making waves in our Software Discussion forum? Let’s find out.

One of the latest hot topics comes from Tournament Parser. The noteworthy program serves as a virtual rail for parsing tournament results. The application is perfect for online tournament players who may be backed in certain events, but play other types of games on the side and need to break down the win/loss information accordingly.

Tournament Parser's latest update includes the option to Tweet hand histories. We’ve been wondering when Tournament Parser would introduce this very helpful feature for a while now. All a person needs to do is add their Twitter handle to Tournament Parser’s interface along with their Twitter password. Then, Tournament Parser will do the rest.

There’s even an option to Tweet session stats automatically so that your railbirds can follow your progress. You'll find Tournament Parser's latest update in a thread on our site about PokerHub.

In case you’re wondering what’s Tweeted, a sample Twitter post containing the session stats read, "Session Stats - Total Games: 23, ROI: 265.89 %, ITM: 78.26 %, ABI: $13.16, Avg KO: 3. Tournament Parser via @TPPoster." Pretty slick, huh? The latest version of Tournament Parser is numbered 2.78.

Another hot topic in poker software is the introduction of Cardshark Brain, which its author described in a forum post as a “classic Full Table Odds Calculator, a Hand Strength tool, Expected Value Calculator for making moves or bets versus 1-4 opponents, and another tool I decided to call Post-Flop Analysis that gives you some percentages of your hand with a given flop vs. your choice of a random opponent or specific opponent.”

Cardshark Brain is available in the iTunes App store and can be easily downloaded to your mobile device. The only limitation to the software is, as the author put it, “You need some form or internet access because all of the computing is done in the cloud. None of the crunching is done on the phone. This, long-term, will allow us to design an API that will be interface-agnostic and allow us to write similar applications cross-platform.” Therefore, make sure your phone is connected to the internet before you start using Cardshark Brain.

The developers behind Cardshark Brain are also looking for several reviews from players, so if you’re interested in test-driving the app, visit our Software Discussion thread and throw your hat into the ring. The program is regularly $1.99.

Finally, if you’re new to poker software, and we know many people who visit our site are, be sure to check out the PokerSoftware Beginner’s Guide. This in-depth manual is perfect for new poker software players and covers topics like where to play, software that everyone should use, data mining programs, and the importance of finding poker friends. It’s a must-read for anyone new to the wonderful world of poker software. We wrote it specifically with beginners in mind, so there won’t even be any fancy jargon you won’t understand.

We’ve had a few new posters come onto the forum in recent days, so we definitely wanted to highlight the Beginner’s Guide in this edition of Hot Topics. Also, if you’re new to our site, feel free to post any questions you have in the PokerSoftware forum.

We wish everyone at Happy New Year. We look forward to more software reviews, interviews, and news in 2012.

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