Hot Topics in Poker Software for December 9th

Date: 2011-12-09
Author: Dan Cypra

It’s been a busy last few weeks in the PokerSoftware forum, with a variety of discussion ranging from poker strategy to poker training. Our staff has been able to respond to a number of questions raised by PokerSoftware members, so let’s check out what some of the recent discussion has been about.

One of the major hot topics in our discussion forum has been the release of Leak Buster No Limit 3.0 for PokerTracker. The official Leak Buster representative on PokerSoftware heralded, “Thanks for all of those who have been patient. We will have PLO and Limit versions available in the near future as well.”

The thread about Leak Buster 3.0 was ripe with the latest versions being announced, with the most recent post explaining, “The new release with the updater fix is out. You need to go to the LB site and download it directly. Once you have the update, you'll be able to update in the future directly from LB.” Leak Buster serves as a simple way to diagnose the biggest poker leaks you have and can literally pay for itself in just a few uses. Learn more by visiting our Leak Buster review.

Also discussed in our software forums was the age-old question of whether online poker is rigged. We could sit here and banter for days on end about it. Heck, I’ve seen quad aces lose to a royal flush in a live game before. I’ve been a part of a hand in which quad eights lost to quad kings. It happens.

One PokerSoftware user contended, “I know that there is a contingent of people that believe that online poker is rigged, but honestly, I've seen that kind of thing happen live too. People go on heaters sometimes and they just start catching cards. While it's a statistical improbability, it's not an impossibility.”

You’ll recall that a royal flush over quads hand occurred in the WSOP Main Event, and no one would contend that’s rigged.

Another poster recommended that players who are concerned about cheating in general, or whether online poker is fixed, should view their stats in a program like PokerTracker or Holdem Manager: “One of the major benefits of having marquee poker programs such as Holdem Manager and PokerTracker available is the ability to spot collusion and inconsistencies in online card dealing. Personally, I've seen well over 1 million hands in my online poker career and firmly believe that the individual responsible for my long-term expectations is myself.”

Remember, poker tracking programs were used extensively to unearth the cheating scandals that unfolded on Absolute Poker and UB. It was the players, not the operators, who uncovered the truth.

Finally, we’d be amiss if we didn’t revisit an older thread on PokerSoftware that asked readers whether they were more excited for PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2, both of which are on the verge of being finalized. We thought it’d be worthwhile to revisit some of the responses in the thread, including one that contended, “PT4 for me, but I've always liked the PT software better than HEM. The layout and organization of HEM were just never intuitive to me.”

Leaning the other way towards Holdem Manager 2 was another PokerSoftware regular, who argued, “Such a toss up. I've used both and fell in love with both. I think if I had a gun to my head and had to pick one, I'd lean ever so slightly towards HEM2 just because I've tinkered with it and love it. But the videos on PT4 have me frothing at the mouth to give it a try.”

Check out our latest update on PokerTracker 4 that talks about the program exiting the alpha stage. Enter the poker software forum for more discussion topics or to ask a question of your own.

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common terry's Comment

2011-12-10 18:07:23

WSOP is heavily rigged to be more exciting like wrestling. "While it's a statistical improbability, it's not an impossibility.”

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