Leak Buster Interview with PokerSoftware

Date: 2012-01-20
Author: David Huber

Leak Buster, a product of Ace Poker Solutions, has quickly become a necessity in the online poker market as players worldwide seek to improve their skills and adjust to the latest opponent tendencies. Leak Buster has the ability to identify and plug various leaks that players have.

This week, PokerSoftware caught up with Ace Poker Solutions CEO John Anhalt, who took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions related to Leak Buster.

PokerSoftware: Please give us a rundown of Leak Buster, providing details on how the program identifies leaks in a player's game.

John Anhalt: Leak Buster is a unique piece of software that can pinpoint errors (leaks) in your game no matter what your skill level is. It was designed by several top online pros to locate patterns of costly pre-flop and post-flop play. It uses a combination of statistical analysis, along with pattern-recognizing algorithms, to identify the leaks in your game, and then arranges them hierarchically based on which leaks typically have the most impact on your poker bankroll.

PokerSoftware: Will Leak Buster work with the newly released Holdem Manager 2 and upcoming PokerTracker 4?

John Anhalt: Leak Buster No Limit is already released for HM2. PLO is almost complete for HM2, with Limit being right around the corner as well. Leak Buster now works with PokerTracker 3 as a standalone application and will be compatible with Poker Tracker 4 upon release.

PokerSoftware: What are some of the updates and improvements that will be available for Leak Buster customers in the future?

John Anhalt: We are close to releasing a new one-click user interface with improved performance and leak organization. There's a lot of information in Leak Buster and our goal is to make it as accessible and easy to digest as possible. The new interface will improve that area dramatically. We are adding even more post-flop line analysis to our Step 8 process and more video content is being added as well.

Leak Buster, when initially released, scanned for 38 potential leaks. Now, it looks for over 480 potential leaks (or more depending on the version).

PokerSoftware: For online poker players who have never used Leak Buster before, how would you recommend they spend their first two hours with it?

John Anhalt: Run a complete analysis on the current stake level you play most. After that analysis is complete, take a look at the Step 1 leaks that are labeled as the most critical. Each leak will have advice and most will have video or written modules to offer further advice on those leaks. Spend some time going over the material, which will offer some new insights into your game and how to improve as a poker player.

PokerSoftware: What are one or two of the most common leaks that customers are able to address upon purchasing the program?

John Anhalt: Most players have trouble in re-raised (3bet) pots. There's a ton of advice in Leak Buster for players that struggle there.

For more advanced players, the leaks you’ll find will be more subtle. Sometimes it's a simple graphical representation of hands they didn't realize were really unprofitable for them in early position. Either way, within the first few hours of using Leak Buster, you're going to find some valuable information. Some of it you may have already suspected, but it's good to have validation behind those areas you suspected the most.

PokerSoftware: How do the videos and written modules fix players' leaks?

John Anhalt: No one can fix a player's leaks except for the player. The videos and modules are written and produced by top online pros that address specific areas of a player's game. One of the great things about Leak Buster is that you're going to be pointed to video and written content that applies to your specific leaks.

PokerSoftware.com: Which type of players do you think would benefit the most from Leak Buster?

John Anhalt: Leak Buster was designed from the ground up to benefit all levels of players. It will benefit different skill levels of players in different ways. Most mid- and high-stakes players already know how to correct most of their leaks; the issue is usually deciding how to adjust their game and what kinds of leaks they want to address the most. Micro- and small-stakes players will benefit from all of the video and written content along with the suggestions, so overall they will benefit the most.

To learn more about Leak Buster, check out our Leak Buster review here on PokerSoftware.

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