Easy Poker Simulator Adds Percentage-Based Stats

Date: 2012-04-01
Author: David Huber

In January, PokerSoftware wrote about a new virtual entertainment program called Easy Poker Simulator, which allows beginning players to experiment and learn the fundamentals of poker without any real money commitment.

Those who enjoy the application, which can be downloaded at no cost, will be glad to know that head developer Joseval "JRS" Reinas has been hard at work implementing additional features. Read our Easy Poker Simulator review.

Online poker players who download the latest version of Easy Poker Simulator will see that a number of percentage-based statistics have been added to the table view. Among them are the rate at which the hero wins at showdown and the expected rates of certain hole cards versus opponents when the chips are all-in.

In an exclusive interview with PokerSoftware, Reinas explained that the program is the result of the joy he receives from programming: "I began Easy Poker Simulator in a parking lot while holding a small sheet of notes that contained the classification of Texas Hold'em starting hands. With Easy Poker Simulator, the concepts of Texas Hold'em are introduced to new players along with the poker-related actions of betting, folding, and competing against artificial intelligence. Today, EPS can generate 200 hands per hour with a real player seated against nine virtual opponents, which is almost the same rate as Poker Academy."

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Reinas has added improvements to the replayer's animation process in order to make the visual aspects of the application much smoother. The flop cards now slide in when the simulation is taking place, which allows Easy Poker users to experience something very similar to actual online poker play.

The beauty of a free program like Easy Poker is that is allows players to exercise full control over the action and then sit back and watch as the simulations are performed. As we mentioned in our previous article, this application can also be useful to experienced poker pros who want to see poker action while not having to risk a bankroll implosion due to tilt. All you have to do is program the simulator and then run your very own "flipament" for free. Everything from starting hands to chip stacks can be customized.

Beginning poker players will appreciate the simulator's feature that allows them to see opponents' hole cards while they are being dealt. You can even see all of the cards that remain in the deck in a specific hand. Easy Poker Simulator can be downloaded in English, Spanish, or Portuguese and allows anywhere from two to ten opponents to be seated at one time. The basic view is similar to what most online poker players would call a Hand History Replayer.

A word of notice to individuals who are interested in competing at the online poker tables: Easy Poker Simulator is not an application that will allow you to compete for real money or even against other real opponents. In order to play real money games, you will need to download a client from an online poker site and then follow the instructions. Easy Poker Simulator is for offline play only and has no effect on a person's bankroll.

In total, the application is meant for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as a method to gain any advantage in real money online poker play. Basically, this program is meant to give the user instruction on poker fundamentals, and a portion of it is dedicated to odds calculations.

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