Get a NoteCaddy Custom Definition Pack

Date: 2012-04-06
Author: David Huber

From the makers of NoteCaddy, a complimentary application to Holdem Manager, comes the Custom Definition Pack. This package, which is now available for online poker players worldwide, is aimed at giving the most thorough database students the best possible profit margin while competing at the virtual tables.

More than 1,100 hours went into creating the NoteCaddy Custom Def Pack, which is a project created by TwoPlusTwo member and private coach "NilayNilay" along with Bluefire Poker pro "Alan Jackson," who is regarded by many to be the best online poker database statistical analysis expert. According to the Custom Def Pack creators, users of NoteCaddy have so far generally underestimated the power that NoteCaddy gives to an online poker player who takes the time to customize it and maximize its potential.

NoteCaddy allows an individual user to define tendencies based on a nearly limitless number of parameters so the program can automatically update their opponents' tendencies in real-time per stated definitions. Each note can be turned into a statistic, meaning that professional players will no longer have to guess how often a certain opponent re-raises on a paired board against them, for example. A note can also be permanently displayed in a HUD per a customer's needs, which means mousing over a HUD box will no longer be necessary.

Each custom definition is an exploitable leak that will translate into added value for any player regardless of their skill level. Now that Zoom Poker has been rolled out on PokerStars, NoteCaddy will be able to keep up with and observe the hands you have folded. The beauty of NoteCaddy is that it never misses a hand that you have participated in, even if you have.

The NoteCaddy Custom Def Package comes with more than 100 scripted notes that were added from the ground up plus any additional note definition updates. It also comes with a complete tutorial for each definition, which explains how to maximize your expectation against a statistical weakness, along with video tutorials that cover HUD usage, installation, and more.

The package includes a Holdem Manager 2 custom HUD and custom pop-ups along with continued support via the private forum and Team Viewer support if necessary. There is also a discount of custom note creation and private coaching for all customers who purchase the NoteCaddy Custom Def Pack.

Pricing for this add-on is $108 for NL $50 stakes and below, $180 for NL $100, $400 for NL $200, and two full stacks for each level above that. The creators emphasize that the pricing of this custom package is specifically designed to reduce saturation and ensure that customers are able to maintain their exploitable edges over those who do not purchase it. There is also an "Early Bird" promotion that will give VIP status in the private forum to the first 90 customers plus a one-hour private webinar with coach "Alan Jackson" along with special articles by "NilayNilay."

The thread on the TwoPlusTwo forum already has hundreds of replies, with many online poker pros soliciting a price increase in order to ensure they are the ones who have the most to gain by keeping the leaks limited to as few users as possible.

The Def Pack defines the "bleeding edge" of NoteCaddy's capabilities and has received a substantial number of positive comments from TwoPlusTwo members. If you would like to find out more about how to maximize your potential and exploit a huge number of opponent leaks using NoteCaddy, visit our Note Caddy review.

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