Leak Buster Redesigning Interface

Date: 2012-10-14
Author: Dan Cypra

If you regularly use Leak Buster or want to figure out the major holes in your poker game, then you're in for a treat. PokerSoftware has learned that Leak Buster will be redesigning its interface. When the change is rolled out to Leak Buster clients everywhere, all of the primary information you need, including videos and written modules, will be on one screen.

You can move your way through Leak Buster one step at a time still, but it's not required unless you want to dig a little deeper.

In our opinion, Leak Buster's videos are the heart and soul of the product. After all, you can't fix your poker leaks if you don't know how. Now, the main Leak Buster screen will include the number of leaks found in the upper right along with a letter grade. The latter is exactly the same as you'd find in school, where you're gunning for "A" and want to avoid an "F" like the plague.

In the middle of the revamped Leak Buster interface, you'll find helpful advice to fix any leaks you have. For example, you could be met with words of wisdom like, "Although your Button UO PFR is within the recommended range, you are on the low end and could adjust to be more profitable. It's very important to take advantage of the best position at the table and open-raise with a lot of hands. We recommend adding a few more hands to your button opening range." We told you Leak Buster was helpful.

You can run Leak Buster analyses over any number of hands, although its developers recommend checking trends every 10,000 hands. Remember that the fewer hands you analyze, the less reliable your data will be because the sample size will be smaller. So, the more hands you analyze, the more accurate any trends you find will be.

There are 10 steps to navigate your way through Leak Buster and, in the program's new interface, these can be found spread across the bottom of the screen: Guide, Leak Buster, Position, Pre-Flop, Trouble Hands, 3bet, Filters, Biggest Loss, Opponents, and HUD. Leak Buster is one of the rare programs that can quite literally pay for itself. If you correct your poker leaks, then your win rate on the virtual felts should spike.

The Standard Version of Leak Buster, which supports up to 50nl at No Limit and Pot Limit tables and up to $0.50/$1 at Limit tables, runs $49.99, while the Pro Version runs $79.99. Limit Hold'em, No Limit Hold'em, and Pot Limit Omaha versions of Leak Buster are all available and the software is compatible with Holdem Manager and PokerTracker. Your license is good for up to two computers and, for the time being, Leak Buster only supports cash games.

You'll find an average of 8 to 20 significant poker leaks using Leak Buster. And, as we said, the program doesn't just tell you that leaks exist. Instead, Leak Buster uses videos and written advice in order to help you close any gaping holes you have. There are over 50 advanced filters included and your leaks can be sorted by position at the table, which should help you improve your game dramatically.

Check out Leak Buster today to start correcting any holes you have in your game.

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