Your Favorite Poker Software with Gerald Cochlan (Geraldo22)

Date: 2012-10-21
Author: Jason Glatzer

I am pleased to interview a long-time friend and online multi-table grinder, Gerald “Geraldo22” Cochlan.  He currently resides in Edinburgh, Scotland and, according to, has amassed $250,000 in online tournament cashes.

PokerSoftware: What poker software are you currently using and what are some aspects of these programs that are helpful to your game?

Gerald Cochlan: I'm currently using PokerTracker 3, PokerStove, and Universal Replayer.  For those of you who don’t know, PokerTracker is an extremely popular program among online grinders.

It easily finds the tables you are playing on and provides the statistics of your opponents by displaying tHEM in a fully customizable Heads-Up Display (HUD).  I have not upgraded to PokerTracker 4 since PokerTracker 3 currently suffices for my needs without having to spend more money on additional bells and whistles.

PokerTracker and its rival Holdem Manager are seen as essential among most high-volume grinders, as it is very difficult to keep of track of multiple players over multiple tables. Each HUD can be customized to suit the player and game.  For example, a high-volume multi-table tournament player might have different HUD stats from a six-max cash game player.

As an MTT player, I'm fortunate in that I do not require a HUD that obscures my view of stack sizes and other information.  My HUD stats are VPIP, PFR, 3bet, Fold to 3bet, Fold to Continuation Bet, AF, and number of hands displayed.

PokerStove is also useful for MTTs.  It's a poker calculator that allows the user to calculate the equity of a particular hand against another or against an opponent’s perceived range. PokerStove allows you to calculate the equity on multiple streets, which is also useful.

Universal Replayer is the software I use for reviewing hand histories either by myself or with others.  While PokerTracker has a hand replayer tool, I have become more accustomed to using Universal Replayer to review hands with peers over Skype, so I also use it for my own review.  Universal Replayer and PokerStove are free programs that many players should take advantage of.

PokerSoftware: What poker software do you expect to try next and why?

Gerald Cochlan: I'm interested in trying Universal Poker Table Organizer.  In the past, I've found it difficult to play high volume on multiple sites simultaneously, owing mostly to the fact that the sites are not synced.  This is one of the reasons most of my play is on one site, PokerStars.  I feel with this software I can take advantage of playing on other sites at the same time.

UPTO facilitates multi-site play, aligning tables in a grid of the four most urgent, which is also helpful if you have a particularly tough decision and need some extra time.  I'm sure the software could be configured to suit an individual user's needs.

PokerSoftware: Have you ever used a poker controller or hotkeys to assist you while playing poker or prefer using a mouse?

Gerald Cochlan: I have never used a controller, but I have used hotkeys. I previously used free software called Wicks when I played primarily sit and gos. More recently, I have used Table Ninja.  I found it to be very demanding on my computer to run PokerTracker and Table Ninja while 20-tabling, so I had to stop using Table Ninja. I've since upgraded and may consider reinstalling it.

PokerSoftware: How do you feel about the pricing plans of software?  Do you prefer a fixed rate or monthly cost?

Gerald Cochlan: I prefer a fixed rate.  I think that for what you're receiving, the prices are very reasonable.  These tools, if used correctly, can provide a considerable return on a modest investment.

PokerSoftware: I know you have switched computers recently and you were without your arsenal of poker software for a period of time.  Do you feel this limited your multi-tabling abilities?

Gerald Cochlan: Yes.  Previous to renewing, I had been having PokerTracker issues that left me without a HUD for months. It was quite a transition.  I remember thinking without a HUD, I would be lost without the information that I had previously taken for granted.  In reality, it forced me to review my game.  I think I relied on the HUD way too much.  The period I played without a HUD was my most successful ever and although I've since returned to using PokerTracker, being without a HUD has taught me to appreciate the benefits of using one.

PokerSoftware: Share your thoughts regarding tracking sites like Official Poker Rankings and Sharkscope.

Gerald Cochlan: I think tracking sites and rankings are important.  They allow you to track how you perform in different tournaments, assist you with game selection, and help you correct your weaknesses.  Having rankings gives a player something to aim for besides their short-term goals.  In all sports, competitors and spectators can easily access the results of a player or team and I don't see why poker should be any different.

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