TableNinjaFT Now Available Following Full Tilt Poker Reboot

Date: 2012-11-13
Author: Dan Cypra

It's back. Following the re-launch of Full Tilt Poker on November 6, Table Ninja for Full Tilt Poker, or TableNinjaFT, is once again available for purchase. Table Ninja officials told PokerSoftware, "TableNinjaFT is now available for download. Users who purchased the program before the site shut down can retrieve their codes by e-mailing New users will find it in the Holdem Manager App Store. We haven't released an update yet, but the product is fully supported." We'd expect updates to roll out continuously in response to changes in Full Tilt's software.

Full Tilt Poker vacated the U.S. market on Black Friday, a move that set off a chain of events culminating in an asset sale to PokerStars in August.

Along the way, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission suspended Full Tilt's license in June 2011 before formally revoking it three months later on the grounds that it had been misled. Non-U.S. players were reunited with their bankrolls on November 6, while U.S. players still await details of a remission process from the Department of Justice.

For Table Ninja users on PokerStars, developers have been hard at work making the software compatible with an ever-changing PokerStars client. Table Ninja officials told us, "Recent updates have been attempting to correct problems resulting from failed lobby detection due to some changes in the Stars client. Most issues have been resolved over two updates and we are working on the few that remain. We have also added advanced support for the announced Nova Red theme available on Stars.test."

Table Ninja runs $59.99 and works on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and PartyPoker. All three pieces of software are part of the PokerSoftware Recommended Program and allow you to automate actions like registering for games, betting, and highlighting tables requiring action. All told, Table Ninja's suite of hotkeys will make multi-tabling much easier, presumably leading to a higher win rate since you can load up more tables at once.

Another recent update to Table Ninja added two extra slots in the SnG Sensei tab. Table Ninja developers pointed out the rationale for doing so: "We have had many requests to expand the Sensei tab to allow players to save more tournament types. With the expansion of the advanced Sensei tab, we have been able to move things around, creating space for two more slots for a total of six."

The same update added the ability for Table Ninja users to accept or reject SnG Sensei registrations based on the note colors of the players already registered in a tournament. This handy feature ensures that you'll only register for single-table tournaments that you want to with players you want to play against. It's just another way that Table Ninja will make your life considerably easier.

For TableNinjaPP, support was added for the French versions of WPT Poker and ACF Poker as well as the FastForward tables on PartyPoker. The latter are similar to Rush Poker on Full Tilt or Zoom Poker on PokerStars whereby as soon as a player's action in a hand has concluded, they are whisked away to a new table where a new hand with a new set of opponents will begin.

Visit Table Ninja's website today to learn more.

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