Holdem Manager 2 Adds Default Note Icon to All HUDs

Date: 2013-03-08
Author: Jason Glatzer

The team at Holdem Manager is constantly dedicated to improving their software and keeping up-to-date with the changes made at the many poker sites they support.  On March 1, they released the latest update to Holdem Manager 2, which added new features and fixed many small issues with their software.

As most of you are aware, Holdem Manager is one of the leaders in online statistical and analytical poker databases.  Whether you are a beginning playing poker, an expert, or somewhere in between, you are missing key information on other players and yourself if you're not utilizing a tracking database and HUD when playing online.

Holdem Manager 2’s release of Version last week included three new main features.  Postgres, the database management system the software needs to run, no longer exists in the full setup file and is downloaded only when necessary.

The Heads-Up Display added a note icon to all setups by default since most people want to be able to take notes in their HUD to go along with the stats.  The program's developers have also added the number of hands to the Call vs. Hero stats.  If using this stat, you can now take into account that you may not have a large enough sample size of hands to base a decision on how an opponent will play against you.

PartyPoker players should be pleased with this recent update, as many nagging issues have now been fixed.  Rebuys during PartyPoker tournaments are now automatically recorded for you and you do not need to manually edit your tournament summary after the fact.  Rake is now properly recorded for $1 Double or Nothing Sit and Gos, $33 Six-Max Hyper-Turbo Sit and Gos, $54 Sit and Gos, and $108 Sit and Gos.  Also, winnings are now being properly recorded on all Heads-Up Sit and Go games.

The total hands stat now uses a comma to make it clearer to read how many hands you have against an opponent for sample sizes of 1,000 or more.  The Vs. Steal stat is now showing accurate information.  The Notes icon is no longer mysteriously disappearing from your HUD.

There were also a few fixes with HM2’s reports, including columns now sorting properly, different tournament currencies being properly separated for filtering, and no longer having HM2 crash when entering an hour without minutes in the custom date filter.

Hold’em Manager also made some fixes with some of the third-party applications that are directly embedded in the software including NoteCaddy, Leak Buster, and Table Scanner.

If you visit the Holdem Manager forums, there are constantly recommendations being made by customers along with requests to fix bugs caused by poker site upgrades.  The team at Holdem Manager takes these requests to heart and is constantly coming out with new versions to keep up with the times.

To me, the best part about HM2's dedication to perpetually improving its software is that once you have purchased Holdem Manager 2, you are entitled to free upgrades for life.  Many other software packages only offer this if you are subscribing via a monthly fee.

Visit HM2's website today.

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