Table Ninja II Revamps Pricing

Date: 2013-08-26
Author: Dan Cypra

If you're a user of Table Ninja II, or are in desperate need of a program that will automate many of your online poker tasks, then you're going to love what its developers recently rolled out.

A major update added a number of features to TN2, including the ability to pause or resume SNG Sensei, which will help you register for online poker sit and gos. You'll be a sit and go registering machine in no time with the help of SNG Sensei.

The auto rebuy and auto add-on features now work after the latest update to PokerStars and support for Five-Card and Six-Card Pot Limit Omaha games on Full Tilt and PokerStars was added. Support for Cap games now also exists within Table Ninja II, as does support for and, both French-facing rooms.

PokerStars Zoom tables are now recognized correctly and a compatibility issue with other open programs was corrected so that hitting the "Enter" key doesn't cause you to bet accidentally within TN2. The result should be a vastly improved user experience.

Several performance improvements were also added to the latest reboot of Table Ninja II. The program is now optimized for 15 to 20 tables, which should be music to the ears of multi-tablers everywhere. As Table Ninja II staff told PokerSoftware, "With the latest tweaks, it's about seven times faster and very responsive to hotkeys."

The program is also optimized not to take up a significant portion of your CPU processing, as TN2 will typically account for less than 3%. Finally, operations that take too much CPU power are logged so Table Ninja II developers can make improvements down the road.

An improved graphical user interface, or GUI, also exists within TN2. You can select which cycling hotkeys are global and which aren't with ease and new pieces of data can now be displayed over a person's table. There's no more flickering of windows and advanced settings not shown in the GUI can be altered to suit your fancy.

There's also a different pricing model in place for Table Ninja II. The Pro versions of TN2 will run $19.99 per month for PartyPoker, PokerStars, and Full Tilt, and $9.99 for just PokerStars. This includes access to all games and stakes.

You can also buy a Pro license for $150 annually for all sites and $75 annually for just PokerStars. You'll notice that if you only play on PokerStars, the world's largest online poker room, you can take advantage of special PokerStars-only annual and monthly subscription rates for TN2's Pro license. Overall, TN2 staff tout that the new pricing scheme allows for "more freedom and flexibility when upgrading to Table Ninja II."

The Standard version of Table Ninja II runs $9.99 per month and covers all three major online poker rooms. Cash games up to $0.25-$0.50 and tournaments up to a $15 buy-in are covered, although ante cash games are not supported. The Lite version of TN2 is $4.99 per month and covers all stakes, sites, and games. However, it does not include preset bets, action hotkeys, betting and bet sizing hotkeys, or layout hotkeys.

Visit the Table Ninja II website for more details.

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