Poker Copilot Launches Version 1.63

Date: 2009-03-05
Author: Sean Gibson

You may have heard of Poker Copilot, which appeared on the software scene about six months ago and touted itself as the only Mac-native hand history database tool available. Many months later, this distinction still holds true, as both Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3 remain Windows-only programs and have yet to release any announcement of possible Mac editions.  For some, this is a disappointment, but many Mac poker players are instead using Poker Copilot, which is seeing regular updates from its development team.

The latest editions (Versions 1.62 and 1.63) offer significant new features for users.  Although more are in development and slated to be released in the coming weeks, the 1.63 edition demonstrates a significant step in the program’s abilities and performance.

Some of the highlights of the 1.62 and 1.63 updates include:
• The mysterious disappearing HUD problem is fixed.
• On-table HUD panels now have a more transparent background
• Some unusual tournament hand history results are now handled correctly
• Better synchronization between the dashboard and toolbar
• Play money hands and real money hands are kept separate
• Some small usability changes
• Faster loading of large numbers of hands
• Less memory usage
• PowerPC users should experience less grief
• The broken “Classic HUD” works now


Installing the new 1.63 edition of the program is extremely easy.  First, download the DMG program from the Poker Copilot website.  Once it is downloaded, double-click on the DMG file.  The Poker Copilot install folder will come up with a link to your Applications folder and the “Poker Copilot” executable.  Simply drag the icon for Poker Copilot into the Applications folder and press “Replace” in the Copy Dialog Box.  The total install time is about 30 seconds.

What's New?

What you will notice first is a much faster operating program.  If you have a large number of files in your database, it will take a lot less time for Poker Copilot to load them in.  Also, there is a new button at the top separating “Ring Games” and “Tournaments” from “Play Money,” which seems a little peculiar.  Would you buy a $49.99 software tracking program if all you were doing was grinding play money games on PokerStars?  At least Poker Copilot has that feature, something none of the other programs do, so it might be attractive for a few people out there.

The “always being updated HUD” still features up to six stats, all of which are “major statistics” that are discussed in forums or during play analysis.  In the 1.63 edition of the HUD, a user can click and drag its stats to wherever they'd like on the table.  Before, there was a standard default layout for where the HUD stats would appear for each player and could not be customized based on the table.  The click and drag feature is a welcome upgrade for those of you who do not use the default “Classic Theme” for PokerStars or the standard default theme on Full Tilt Poker.

Developer Comments

The head developer and chief engineer of Poker Copilot, Steve McLeod, was happy to share some insight regarding his software’s update: “The on-table HUD seems to be the killer feature everybody likes. As of 1.63, it's possible to move the HUD panels exactly where you want them and they'll stay in those positions for the current session and in the future. Another great new feature is the ability to customize the HUD using the Poker Copilot Preferences.”

Final Thoughts

This refreshed edition of Poker Copilot seems to be light years ahead of where the program was only a few short months ago when there wasn’t even a working on-table HUD.  Now, users can choose up to six statistics to appear next to them and their opponents at a table.  The database and number crunching uses less memory and runs faster.  Users who have already purchased the program and are using an edition prior to 1.62 should immediately upgrade to this newer, faster, and better performing 1.63 edition of Poker Copilot.

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