Poker Copilot 2 Released for Mac OS X

Date: 2009-07-31
Author: Sean Gibson

Poker Copilot is the only Mac OS X native hand history tracking program that comes with ring game and tournament support along with a Heads-Up Display (HUD).  The software works like PokerTracker and Holdem Manager, importing hand history files from PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  The hand histories are entered into a custom database automatically and stats can be extrapolated for analysis.  This week, developers released Poker Copilot 2, which is available for all Mac OS X machines.  The new edition offers the following:

- New SQL-based database with no hand import limit
- Hand replayer
- Improved HUD performance
- HUD can now display 12 stats simultaneously
- Detached window for recent mucked hands

The features represent a major upgrade from the original version of the product.  The price is set at $59.99 for new users; existing users can take advantage of an upgrade for $29.99.  For the price, it seems that there’s a lot to gain for existing customers.  Earn a free copy of Poker Copilot by checking out our Free Software promotion.

The new SQL database backend enables the program to go well beyond the previous limit of 150,000 hands.  Now, there are reports that it can handle a million-plus hand database without trouble.  For part-time professional poker players and seasoned grinders that play full-time, a large limit is an absolute necessity.

The hand replayer can be accessed from the main program window by clicking on “Recent Hands” in the left side navigation.  From there, hands will appear and can be filtered down to specific date ranges, table sizes, or game types.  Double clicking on a hand will automatically load the replayer, which shows your hand and revisits events during play.  There are no HUD stats shown in the replayer; however, all details of the hand are displayed:

The HUD performance is improved and represents a big upgrade.  It automatically updates after each hand is completed and statistics are displayed in an HUD “bubble” that can be manipulated for opacity.  In addition, the HUD stats for each individual player at a table can be moved to a custom location on the table.

Perhaps the most important upgrade for serious poker players is the ability of the HUD to display up to 12 different statistics at one time.  Your choices are:

- Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot (VPIP)
- Pre-Flop Raise Percentage (FPR)
- Aggression Percentage
- Called Pre-flop Raise
- Flops Seen
- Aggression Factor
- Average Take in Big Blinds
- Steal Attempts
- Fold Big Blind to Steal
- Check-Raise Percentage
- 3bet (Pre-Flop) Percentage
- Fold to 3bet (Pre-Flop) Percentage
- Continuation Bet Percentage
- Fold to Continuation Bet Percentage
- Went to Showdown percentage
- Number of Hands

When using 12 different stats in the HUD, it looks like this screenshot:

You can also turn off the stat labels, which users will do once they are used to the layout of their HUD.  It will end up looking a lot more reasonable, like in this screenshot:

The new features should get Mac users very excited about playing online poker within the native OS X environment.  Currently, Poker Copilot 2 is the only hand history tracking program that works on a Mac without having to run Boot Camp or Parallels.  Poker Copilot 2 has a free 30-day evaluation period with every download that comes fully featured.

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