Holdem Manager Adds Vision Feature

Date: 2009-12-16
Author: Sean Gibson

Holdem Manager is a full software suite of online poker tools, with its main function being the ability to import hand histories and track results for you and your opponents.  Along with the hand history tracking feature is the ability to run detailed reports on hundreds of game play statistics for trend analysis.  Perhaps the most popular feature of all is the Heads-Up Display (HUD), which is fully customizable and able to hold any of the hundreds of stats available from within the Reports section.  With the release of the official 1.09 version of Holdem Manager, new features such as the Table Scanner, Leak Buster, and support for Cake Poker came into the fold.  After months of public beta releases, 1.09 is now a fully supported downloadable version.

Not resting on their laurels, the development team at Holdem Manager has already released a 1.10 Beta edition that is available to anyone that has a registered copy of the program.  Although just in Beta, there are new features that many poker players will find useful in their online poker efforts.  The 1.10 Beta is currently available for download from the Holdem Manager website.  If there are any new issues that come as a result of its installation, users are encouraged to report them on the Holdem Manager forums.

The first update for 1.10 added support for the Boss and Merge Networks, along with PKR.  Holdem Manager Vision was added as a fully functioning tab and allows for detailed global stats to compare yourself to the rest of the people in the database.  Many will recognize the graphs to be very similar to those at PokerTableRatings.com.  At its core, it's a graphical reporting tool that shows information about many players.  Some of the reports include Game Statistics (30,000 foot level of a particular stake and site), Player Stats (histograms of basic player stats), Player Profiles (classify players as Nits, TAGs, LAGs, etc.), Pre-Flop Ranges (starting hand range in a heat map), and Post-Flop Ranges (hand range post-flop in histogram format).  Users are advised that Holdem Manager's Vision feature aggregates data from every hand in the database for its reports, so unless filters are used, the report could take a long time to generate.

Other initial 1.10 Beta features included a time adjustment for imported hands per site to match the local time.  There is also a Show Bonus option in the Tourney Results graph section and Party No DP table live tracking.  This update also properly calculates rake based on online poker site rules (contributed or shared).  Finally, several bugs from 1.09 were addressed, including some surrounding Cake Poker and the purge hands feature.  The Table Scanner had fixes for five different poker rooms and, finally, a fix for issues related to customizing the handcategories.txt file were addressed.

Shortly after 1.10 Beta was released, a new 1.10 Beta 2 download was available.  This minor update added seating preferences for Boss Network tables.  There was also a fix for the Arial Black font error that several people reported on the forums.  A fix for issues with the contributed rake calculation was inserted into this file and there was also a fix for Full Tilt Poker Super Turbo Matrix HUD detection.

Several days later, 1.10 Beta 3 was released with eight new features.  Hold'em Vision now allowed a user to cancel long running queries.  Holdem Manager added multi-table stats for the HUD and allowed the HUD to select eight and four-max tables. The multi-table stats feature actually tells you how many tables an opponent has open!  There's also a new auto-detection of PokerStars eight-max hands and a fix for a problem where iPoker GBP/Euro hands would import as errors.  Finally, there was an update to the PartyPoker parser to work with hands that have wrong line break info and two updates to the HUD.

In the coming days, 1.10 Beta 4 will be released via the Holdem Manager forums.  Included in the current change list is auto-detection of Ongame $54 and $108 tournaments.  There will also be a fix where PKR hands would not import if a player rebuys at the end of a hand and a fix for PKR hands if a player joins your table.  There will be added support for PokerTracker exported Boss Network hands.  A fix for an issue with non-dollar iPoker tournament hands will be addressed, as will an issue where the same folder could be added twice when using the Auto Detect import folder button.  There will be updates to fix issues around import errors and a fix for the replayer DB connection error that players have been experiencing.

All Beta updates released by Holdem Manager are available for free for registered users of the program.

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