JoeIngram1 Discusses Poker Software Used in 50,000 Hand Prop Bet

Date: 2009-12-10
Author: Sean Gibson

Joe Ingram, better known as "JoeIngram1" on PokerStars, recently completed a proposition bet where he had to set the world record for hands played in a day while showing a profit in 25nl.  By accomplishing the feat, Ingram gained worldwide notoriety and raked in over $30,000 in side money.  Ingram started playing poker approximately a year and a half ago and in that time has become a solid 24-tabling regular. How important was your background in multi-tabling to achieving your 50,000 hand prop bet?  It doesn’t seem possible for the “average” multi-tabler to accomplish this feat, does it?

Ingram: This was something that was important and knowing how to play faster was a key factor in achieving the goal.  Most multi-tablers couldn’t play that many hands because they still cannot play that fast with their scripts or think that fast.  One huge factor is being able to insta-think. What hand history tracking and Heads-Up Display (HUD) program do you use and why did you pick that one?

Ingram: I use Holdem Manager because it’s supposed to be the best and I think it runs faster than PokerTracker 3 does.  I used PokerTracker 3 only for a little bit, but I really like the HUD layout in Holdem Manager. Do you use any table assistant programs?   What’s important for you to use when using such a program?

Ingram: I just started using Table Ninja and I use it for the pre-flop auto-betsizing, which allows me to get into many more hands.  Not having to scroll the mouse wheel saves time and getting in the right bet amount to do things like isolate against limpers is great.  I have always used StarsHotKey and Assistant and I have a table moving utility that moves the tables to different portions of the desktop. How did you build up your skills to handle the strain of playing as many tables at a time as you do now?

Ingram: I honestly don’t know how it happened. I just started nine-tabling and I would play all of the time, like eight hours a day.  I didn’t use scripts or an HUD back then, which I think really helped me learn how to move my hands fast and think fast before features like auto-reload were out on Stars. If you were to give some general advice to micro-stakes players who want to add a lot more tables to help maximize their $/hr, what would you tell them?

IngramL Just slowly add on tables and make sure you have all of the programs available that are out.  I think I got good because I started out with no scripts and 24 tabling. If someone did that for a month, built up their ability, and then added on the scripts, it would make them really good at it.  It’s definitely not for everyone, as some people can’t process information that fast and some people are deliberate thinkers, which means there’s a maximum people can handle.  For some it’s nine tables, for others it’s 24. Now that the 50,000 hand threshold has been broken, are you going to aspire to break your own record?

Ingram: Definitely. I will one day go for the maximum number possible, which I’ve calculated to be around 63,000 to 64,000 in a day.  I think I will go after it and if I can do another massive hand prop bet, I will.  It might happen sooner rather than later, like February or March. What features are lacking on the major online poker sites that you’d love to see implemented?

Ingram: I can’t really think of anything off-hand.  I only play on Stars and they already have everything I need.  I love how the VIP program works now and I can’t think of any ways to improve it because it’s made me a lot of money.  If it gets better as the rumors have me believe, so be it. What are your goals for 2010 in the world of poker?

Ingram: Beat $5-$10+ on Stars and be a $25-$50 regular.  I just want to be able to play everything and hopefully win.  I am putting out a goal of $350,000 next year, which I think is definitely attainable given profits and VIP rewards. Finally, you’ve gained a cult following on the internet.  Is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters?

Ingram: There are a lot of people who follow my blog and follow me on TwoPlusTwo because I’ve done so many different things.  From the 50 buy-ins and the dating thread, people IM me all the time.  I appreciate their support and I’m happy that people throw my name out there when people talk about the best 24-tabler.  It’s all very cool.

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