PokerTableRatings Now Offers SNG Hand Histories

Date: 2010-09-06
Author: Sean Gibson

Many players are on the fence about (PTR), with some saying that the information is hurting the games, while others appreciate the level of detail and the investigative work the site has done.  On August 27th, PTR posted an announcement that they are making sit and go hand histories available to the public for the first time.

Sit and gos are typically single-table tournaments played with nine or ten players, but sometimes can be the multi-table variety or even played with six, four, or even two players.  PTR is tracking sit and go hand histories on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  This makes PTR the first site to not only track results from sit and go games, but also make the hand histories available for purchase so people can import them into PokerTracker 3 and Holdem Manager.

Over 11,000 people have already purchased hand histories from PTR and the addition of sit and gos should make that number increase rather quickly.  The hand histories have been promised to work with Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, and Poker Office.  Selecting that “Hold’em SNG” option in Step 2 of the checkout process will bring up a plethora of filtering options, which include the ability to select the number of people at the table, the tournament type, and the buy-in.

You can pick nine, six, or two entrants.  The tournament buy-in fees start at the micro-stakes of $1+$0.10 and go all the way up to the high-stakes games of $100+$3.75.  Once you have selected your filters, you are taken to Step 3 of the purchasing process.  This is where you can select the quantity of hands.

For example, selecting Full Tilt Poker, Hold’em SNG, No Limit, Nine Entrants, Plain Tournament, and $5+$0.50 buy-in lets you choose between 200,000 and two million hands with options in between.  For the cheapest option of 200,000 hands, the price is $16, which isn’t terrible for your bankroll.

There is also a helpful bar chart to the right of the quantity selection that lets you know how fresh the hand histories are.  In this example, the 200,000 hands cover a span from August 24th through August 31st.  The largest option of two million hands, at a cost of $128, contains hands from June 29th to August 31st.

As of right now, no sit and go results data has appeared within the PTR website or within PokerTableRatings Premium.  The only data to appear within either of those two parts of the site are strictly from cash game tables.

Check out Poker Table Ratings for more information.

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