PokerTracker 4 Adds Support for Entraction, Everleaf, Winamax

Date: 2012-02-05
Author: David Huber

The team at PokerTracker has been extremely busy updating the PokerTracker 4 Beta Preview version as users worldwide provide input on tweaks, bugs, fixes, and overall issues in preparation for the forthcoming commercial release.

To begin with, three new sites have been added to the PT4 Beta version: Entraction, Everleaf, and Winamax. This will allow users to try out the software of three additional networks in order to identify issues. Plus, PT4 users will get a head start on competing online poker players who will eventually have to learn the ins and outs of the product following its commercial release.

Other Beta fixes include addressing the import issues with European locations. On the configuration end, the iPoker auto-detection problem has been solved, as has the Microgaming blank opening screen.

The specific currency not being identified when buying into a tournament has been fixed and the Tournament Quick Filters are now working properly. The Tournament ICM Calculator is now launching correctly and the HUD editor problems with importing PokerTracker 3 profiles have been resolved.

For the PokerTracker 4 Beta 4.01.2 version, the ICM quiz has been changed, as have Hand Range Vs Query Error Reports and Tournament Overview graphs. Problems with the ICM percentage stats have been changed too.

Going over the PokerTracker 4 Beta release notes that PokerSoftware was provided, we can tell our readers that a large number of updates were uploaded in Version 4.01.6. A database update was required with this version's release, but the new features more than made up for it.

Hand Stats such as Pre-Flop SPR, Flop SPR, Turn SPR, and River SPR were added, as were Player Stats such as Call, Button Open, Call Vs Cutoff Open, Fold Vs Button Open, Fold Vs Cutoff Open, Fold to Pre-Flop 5bet or larger, and Open 4bet or larger Pre-Flop.

Fixes in this version include preferred seating and HUD placement on the Microgaming Network, HUD profile loading issues on slower computers, and Tooltip issues on slower PCs. The missing positions on 888's eight-max tables are now showing up and the HUD editor no longer crashes when clicking on the statistic displayed at the bottom right.

Import issues were addressed on Yatahay, PokerStars, Entraction, Merge, Everleaf, Cake, PartyPoker, Ongame, iPoker, Everest, Boss, Microgaming, and 888. Plus, this update included a slew of updates in the graphs area. Export problems on country-specific sites such as and were also fixed.

PokerTracker 4 Beta Version 4.01.7 changes included the ability to make YouTube videos private. The cache issue when adding or removing aliases has been fixed, as has the typo in the backup/restore dialog.

In Beta Version 4.01.8, TableTracker now remembers the size and location of the window. Default player ranges were removed and the iPoker HUD is now treated as an option for all table sizes. The encoding issue preventing some PT4 Beta users from registering was tweaked and several more issues related to importing, reports, and general crashes were worked on.

It is important to mention that all PokerTracker 4 Beta features are subject to change, with nothing concrete. The staff at PokerTracker relies heavily on user feedback on its Beta releases in order to provide customers with the best possible commercial product. The PT4 staff will work on individual problems that continue to be identified by testers and we will keep our readers updated on the major Beta switches as we head towards a 2012 launch of PokerTracker 4.

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