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Date: 2013-04-30/ Author: Dan Cypra
Poker pro Tony G has called the Magic Holdem Personal Poker Coach the next best thing to having him seated beside you. Also an online poker odds calculator. More

Date: 2013-04-28/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware sits down with PokerStars Team Online pro Randy "Nanonoko" Lew, who talks about PokerTracker, Table Ninja, and hotkeys. More

Date: 2013-04-26/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Online poker pro Dean "Cursley11" Cursley tells us what's in his Heads-Up Display. He also chats about PokerStove, Holdem Manager, and Universal Replayer. More

Date: 2013-04-24/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The online poker training site Tournament Poker Edge is celebrating its third anniversary. PokerSoftware sat down with co-founder Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch. More

Date: 2013-04-22/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokerSoftware sits down with the developer of the Mac poker odds calculator and HUD iHoldem Indicator. Get Mac poker software like iHoldem Indicator. More

Date: 2013-04-20/ Author: Dan Cypra
The poker tracking and analysis software Hold'em Manager has announced alpha testing of HM Cloud, which stores hands in a cloud and features a HUD. More

Date: 2013-04-18/ Author: Dan Cypra
Poker Tracker 4 is running a special sale from April 19 to 21. Prices of PokerTracker 4 will be slashed by 25%. Visit for sale details. More

Date: 2013-04-16/ Author: Jason Glatzer
PokeSoftware sits down with Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman, part of Team PokerStars Online, to talk about Holdem Manager 2, Table Ninja, and his Heads-Up Display. More

Date: 2013-04-14/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker tracking and analysis software LeakBuster has published tutorial videos on how to win small poker pots and how to 4bet bluff. More

Date: 2013-04-11/ Author: Dan Cypra
The online poker odds calculator Poker Table Stats features a robust pot odds indicator. This tool will help you decide whether to call or fold in a poker hand. More

Date: 2013-04-09/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The first overhaul of the Party Poker software in a decade is planned for Q2 2013. PartyPoker has been make changes geared toward recreational players. More

Date: 2013-04-07/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The Mac online poker odds calculator iHoldem Indicator was just released. This piece of Mac poker software will set you back a one-time fee of $99. More

Date: 2013-04-04/ Author: Dan Cypra
Poker Tracker 4 now supports the Fast Forward tables at PartyPoker. You can use your HUD and play online poker at FastForward tables without a problem. More

Date: 2013-04-02/ Author: Jason Glatzer
This week, Dominic Morley, who is known as Domchief in the online poker world, discusses his use of a Heads-Up Display, or HUD. More

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