iHoldem Indicator: New Poker Calculator for Mac

Date: 2013-04-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

There are many in-game poker calculators out there, but until now, they were only available for players using Windows.  Mac poker players no longer have to partition their hard drive for Windows and should use the newly released iHoldem Indicator Mac Poker Calculator.

Just like the name sounds, the same group that developed Holdem Indicator, Tournament Indicator, Stud Indicator, and Omaha Indicator developed iHoldem Indicator.

In the past, many Mac users were installing Windows on their computers to take advantage of these dynamic software tools.  Thankfully, more and more poker software such as iHoldem Indicator is becoming available on a Mac, allowing Mac users to use their machines as they were designed.

iHoldem Indicator’s main feature is an in-game poker odds calculator.  Whether you are a new player or someone who needs to brush up on the odds of how strong their holdings are, this feature will be right up your alley.  The poker odds calculator provides useful information regarding your Win Odds, Pot Odds, Hand Odds, Expected Value, what grouping your hole cards are in as defined by David Sklansky, Outs, and Position.

Most of these stats appear pre-flop and on each street of action.  The calculator attaches itself to the bottom of your online poker tables on all of the various PokerStars skins as well as all skins on the Merge Gaming Network. If the in-game calculator is not enough for you, there is also a manual poker odds calculator you can play around with.

iHoldem Indicator doesn’t stop there.  The software also stores your hand history details, allowing it to provide details for a Player Stats grid and basic Heads-Up Display (HUD).

The Player Stats area of iHoldem Indicator is displayed in the same console that the poker calculator appears in.  It provides useful statistics including Number of Hands, VPIP, PFR, 3bet/Fold %, Steal/Fold %, Aggression Factor, Continuation Bet on Flop %, Went to Showdown %, Net Chips Won %, and a variety of Profiling Icons.

The bigger your hand history database is, the more reliable the detail from iHoldem Indicator will be.  It should be much easier for you to exploit your opponents' tendencies using iHoldem Indicator's detailed information.

The HUD is fairly basic, but has many useful stats.  While it would be nice if there were additional stats included, considering that the software is under $100 and you are getting an odds calculator and a HUD at the same time, it is quite a bargain.  If you are interested in more stats, you will have to consider purchasing a more advanced HUD, but for new players, iHoldem Indicator's HUD is more than sufficient.

iHoldem Indicator has a bunch of other features including player notes, MZone for tournament play, the ability to store mucked hands, and a funny “You got the nuts” alert when your hand is unbeatable.

Mac poker players should be excited that this product is available for an affordable one-time price of $99.  Most of iHoldem Indicator’s Windows-based competitors will only offer their poker calculators on a monthly subscription basis, which can add up quickly.  iHoldem Indicator provides more information than most of its competitors without putting a huge dent in your online poker bankroll.

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