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Online poker data mining is the process of using a tool or service in order to gather large quantities of hand histories that can be loaded into a tracking and analysis tool such as Poker Tracker 3 or Holdem Manager. These hand histories allow you to gather an immense amount of data about all the players on a given site or at a given limit. This data is analyzed by the tracking programs and displayed on the table using a Heads-Up Display, or HUD for short. By having a large amount of hand histories on a player the statistics will be more accurate and allow you to make better reads and play against your opponents more effectively.

One of the downsides to data mining is that some sites do not allow it. Some sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker explicitly forbid the practice of data mining on their site. There are alternative options available to get data mined hand histories on those sites, as well as other sites if you wish to avoid the sometimes complicated procedure of data mining. Sites such as Hand HQ offer a service that emails you the latest hand histories every day at the site and limits you select. For a very reasonable price you can have thousands of hand histories on your opponents with very little effort or risk. Another site offering this service is HH Smithey.

If you play at a site that doesn't mind data mining and would like to data mine yourself, there are a number of online poker software tools that will accomplish this task. One of the most popular lines of data mining products is offered by Idle Miner. They offer software that works on iPoker, 888 Pacific Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog, Absolute Poker, the OnGame network, and Party Poker. Unfortunately you have to purchase a license for each room separately. As an alternative you can sign up for a number of poker rooms in our free poker software store and receive Idle Miner for free!

For players on the iPoker network, there is a free data mining program available by the name of Gold Mine Poker. It isn?t as advanced or automated as the Idle Miner products but it does its job well and is free to use.

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  • Quick and easy hand history subscription service that saves you time and hassle by datamining for you

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