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One activity that most poker players do not do, but that could result in significantly higher profits, is practicing good table selection. Most poker players join the first available tables without regard to who might be on them already. By taking the time to see what players are at the table and how good they are, players are able to avoid tables that are full of good players. Luckily there is a variety of poker table selection software available today to assist you in selecting the best games.

Poker table selection software typically scans every table at a user selected limit and game type to get a list of tables and players. It then uses a local database of player statistics (such as one from Poker Tracker 3) to calculate how "fishy" the table is. Most of the table selection software available today also takes into account the average pot size and average players per flop into consideration when calculating what tables are the fishiest. You are then presented with a list of tables in order of best to worst, and typically you can launch those tables automatically from within the table selection software. Some poker table selection software even automatically joins the table and buys you in.

In order for table selection software to be most effective, you need to have a large local database of hand histories on all the regular players at the site and limit you wish to play at. This database can either be built very slowly over time, or you can take a short cut. One such shortcut is using a hand history service such as HandHQ. Services such as this will email you daily with thousands of hand histories gathered automatically. While some sites disallow this practice, it is undetectable. Another shortcut is to datamine hand histories from the site yourself . This is more complicated, and risky, but in the long run cheaper (if not free!).

The three major table selection software providers are currently SpadeEYE, Sixth Sense, and Table Shark. These three options are very similar in what they offer, but check out our reviews of each product to find out about the differences that set them apart. A newer option has emerged that uses a central database of player statistics. This is It is web based and uses data that they have gathered to rate the tables. Unfortunately services such as this are disallowed at most major poker sites, and the use of them could result in a warning or even account closure. Be sure to check the rules at each poker site before using any sort of table selection software to make sure that it is allowed!

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  • TableScan Turbo

  • Table selection software for PokerTracker, Holdem Manager, and PokerStrategy Elephant

  • 5.00 out of 5

  • Smart Buddy

  • A buddy list that will search multiple sites at once. Includes detailed information about the player's current tables.

  • 3.98 out of 5

  • Poker Table Finder

  • A free web-based tool to help make finding your ideal poker table a breeze.

  • 3.85 out of 5

  • TableTracker

  • A table selection service available within PokerTracker 4 that will help you find the weakest players.

  • 3.07 out of 5

  • Holdem Manager Table Scanner 2

  • Table Scanner 2 is a tool that makes finding soft games as easy as possible. Table Scanner 2 will scan the tables and show you where you should play.

  • 2.30 out of 5

  • HHBase

  • Receive constantly updated hand history information.

  • Not Rated Yet