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Date: 2014-04-29/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Poker Tracker 4 now supports four legal and regulated New Jersey online poker rooms: Borgata Poker, PartyPoker, 888 Poker, and More

Date: 2014-04-27/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The Inferential Poker Engine poker training software consists of 6 volumes to help you learn online poker. It's customizable, easy to use, and has a 1-time fee. More

Date: 2014-04-25/ Author: Dan Cypra
Poker Table Stats offers a Mini Heads-Up Display and full HUD during game play, allowing you to see street by street tendencies of your online poker opponents. More

Date: 2014-04-23/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Say hello to the brand new Mac poker calculator iOmaha Indicator, which will provide you with stats, outs, hand strength, and position for Omaha. More

Date: 2014-04-20/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The poker tracking and analysis software Leak Buster has a brand new version, LeakBuster 4.0, that includes new stats, videos, filters and upgraded stat ranges. More

Date: 2014-04-19/ Author: Dan Cypra
Sit and Go Wizard 2 now includes the Ben Roberts equity model, an algorithm that closely calculates equity and is usable in large-field poker tournaments. More

Date: 2014-04-17/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Micro-stakes online poker player Oleg Lichii is headed to San Remo for a European Poker Tour event after as a result of a sponsorship with PokerTracker. More

Date: 2014-04-14/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Leak Buster is offering free HUD filters for Poker Tracker and plans to do the same soon for Hold'em Manager. Discover leaks in your own game with Leak Buster. More

Date: 2014-04-12/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Support for Hold'em Manager Version 1 ends on April 30, 2014. Users are urged to upgrade to Holdem Manager 2, which was released 2.5 years ago. More

Date: 2014-04-09/ Author: Jason Glatzer
We take a look at the Equity Calculator from Ace Poker Drills. Many online poker players have said this odds calculator is much more useful than PokerStove. More

Date: 2014-04-07/ Author: Jason Glatzer
HM Cloud has ended Alpha testing and is now entering Beta. Holdem Manager Cloud stores all of your hands and calculates Heads-Up Display stats in a cloud. More

Date: 2014-04-06/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Easily figure out what type of online poker opponent you're up against with the Hitman Heads-Up Displays from the makers of Leak Buster. More

Date: 2014-04-04/ Author: Jason Glatzer
Norway's Smurfehits talks about his online poker Heads-Up Display as well as programs like Table Ninja, Holdem Manager, Flopzilla, and CardRunners EV. More

Date: 2014-04-02/ Author: Jason Glatzer
The HUD Repository in Hold'em Manager 2 is now live. Get a Heads-Up Display for free for an online poker site with Holdem Manager or upload one of your own. More

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